To believe in nonphysical beings—souls or spirits without bodies or brains—in today’s world may seem, well, delusional. But there are serious scholars who take angels and demons seriously.
Certainly, nonphysical beings would challenge the scientific worldview that only the physical is real. Certainly, angels and demons, in one form or another, populate most of the world’s religions. But it is a question- do angels and demons really exist?
Here in this video, you will see an strange thing that was captured in camera. This incredible and unbelievable video was filmed in Kazakhstan by Pastor Igor Shvedov who was capturing the beautiful sunset when the miraculous happened. He recorded two angels appearing in an apartment building and seen ascending in the sky together with a child’s soul.
After this incident he came to learn that a boy had died there. You can clearly see in the video, two angel shaped light figures rise up out of the apartment building into the air and head straight up towards the Heavens.
It is actually a rare moment that was captured by this lucky man. It is almost hard to believe it was actually caught on camera that is believed by all the religions.
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