The American Lung Association stated there are even 600 items in cigarettes that harm us. If they burn, they release 7000 toxins!
Up to 69 of these toxins create cancer and poisons in the body. Many are also in regular products like in the markets let’s say, but they have at least warning labels. We are informed on such products, but cigarettes are still in the shadow as far as info about them goes.

For Smokers And Ex-Smokers Too – A Drink For Cleaning The Lungs
Here is a list of just SOME cigarette chemicals and smoke toxins:

Acetone of polish remover
Acetic acid of hair dye
Ammonia of house cleaners
Arsenic in rat poison
Benzene in rubber cement
Butane in fluid in lighters
Cadmium in battery acid
Carbon monoxide in car exhaust fumes
Formaldehyde in embalming fluids for medicine and autopsy
Hexamine in barbeque fluid for lighting
Lead in battery
Naphthalene in mothballs
Methanol in rocket fuels
Nicotine in insecticides and such products
Tar in paving road materials
Toluene in paints

You see, these are just some of the poisons you get when you smoke.

The human lungs of both ex smokers and smokers are full of such toxins! But, you can cleanse at least a big part of them. Make this cure drink that is both healthy and cleans the lungs. It has only 3 items.

Turmeric, onion and ginger. The ginger is known to be a great cure for natural healing even years back this was known.

Ginger: removes mucus buildup of the lungs
Onion: good for recipes and has anti-cancer benefits. It fights malignant issues and stops respiratory complications
Turmeric: many vitamins and minerals in this ingredient and also omega 3 fat acids. Also this spice fights viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.

Items for the recipe:

1 liter water
400 g onion
2 big spoons powder turmeric
400 g raw sugar
Ginger root, organic


Mix the sugar and water and put on heat. Let it boil and during this time have the ginger chopped and onions too and add them in the pan.

When boiled, add turmeric and lower heat. Let it cook until reduced to half in size.

Strain it and put in glass jar or bottle. When cooled put in the fridge.

Drink daily, 2 spoons is enough in mornings and nights and 2 hours after eating.

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