Time is changing and our culture is keeping pace with this change. What will be man’s reaction when they will see women are peeing standing roadside? You must be astonished seeing this incident. How can a girl pee standing like a boy? Here in this video you can see girls are peeing standing in the man’s toilet. Is it possible?
Yes, girl are using a female urinary device that is helpful to pee standing. Shewee is a portable urinating device which allows women to wee whilst standing and without removing their clothes. It is being used for many years by campers, climbers, skiers, walkers, festival goers and those stuck in traffic jams.

This device has developed by UK entrepreneur and inventor Samantha Fountain. The idea first came to her while backpacking around Europe. This Female urination devices (FUDs) mean that answering the call of nature does not require you to sacrifice your dignity. FUDs are straw or funnel-shaped plastic extenders that allow women to pee like men: while standing and wearing pants, a climbing harness, or a backpacker’s hip belt.
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